Recovery - A return to a normal state of health, mind, or strength.

After an injury, whether traumatic or from incorrect ergonomics at work, poor posture, or a plain stiff neck after a bad nights sleep, there is always a process to follow in order to get you back in action.

1. Rest: Completely essential despite how hard it may be. Rest is required to allow the body’s natural healing processes to take place.

2. Rehabilitation: The most important part of safe return to sport or daily lifestyle activities is a proper individualized rehab program. A physiotherapist will aid in achieving this by taking into account all stages of healing as well as your individualized fitness goals.

3. A change in mindset: Identify weak areas prior to your injury or discuss your old habits with a physiotherapist to prevent injuries from occurring. PREVENTION is ALWAYS better than cure.

4. Stay Positive and don’t give up: You will recover! More often than not, with a comprehensive rehab plan you will return to your sport or fitness levels with improved focus, strength and confidence. Remember, lack of rehabilitation will lead to prolonged recovery.

5. Prevent re-injury: It is important to gradually return to your sporting activities. By this I mean avoid doing too much too soon. As mentioned, identifying previous movement faults will also aid in prevention of injury.

A physiotherapist will provide a step by step RECOVERY program addressing all of the above to get you back on your feet and provide you with improved PERFORMANCE and overall WELLNESS!

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