Anthony, the head physiotherapist of AMPT has now taken the position of chief physiotherapist and proud owner of SSPC Netcare Christiaan Barnard Memorial Hospital. Under the mentorship of Theo Calligeris, Anthony has broadened his skills in the physiotherapy realm and has begun creating a wellness center catering for more than physiotherapy.


After completing his schooling in 2010 in Bloemfontein at Grey College, Anthony completed a Biomedical Sciences degree at Wits in 2013. He then pursued a career in Physiotherapy, completing his second degree in 2017 at the University of the Witwatersrand. 


During Anthony’s 1st and 2nd years of studying Physiotherapy, he volunteered and worked with the U/21 and Open Lions Rugby Union where he gained great experience working with elite athletes.  In his 3rd year of studies, Anthony completed countless hours working at sporting events such as the 947 Cycle Challenge, The Soweto Marathon and various others.

In 2018, Anthony moved to Cape Town for his love of the outdoors and healthy lifestyle this incredible part of South Africa has to offer. Whilst completing his community service year at Groote Schuur Hospital, he gained experience working with acute trauma, surgical, ICU and orthopaedic conditions.  Anthony has since completed a variety of courses including Dry needling, shoulder and ankle workshops and courses as well as taping courses and more to further his understanding of the body.

In 2019, Anthony took the leap and opened AMPT. The vision remains to provide holistic, caring and evidence-based treatment to a range of patients ranging from young and old. This vision has grown into the dream of a medical center which is now situated in the Foreshore, Cape Town.

With fitness and Health as a passion for Anthony, you can be assured to be in good hands.  His hobbies include frequent strength and conditioning, he is an avid runner and is always looking for the next adventure.


Sports Science Physiotherapy Centre



Physiotherapy aims to reduce pain, improve your movement and aid in return to sport after an injury. 

This is done  through increasing flexibility, range of motion, building strength and through postural correction. 


Physiotherapy is often prescribed for patients following spine surgery, to treat soft tissue trauma, nerve injury, muscle spasms, fractures, arthritis, and many other problems.

Physiotherapy is also provided for in-patients to encourage early mobilization, improve  cardiovascular endurance and promote independence.

10 Reasons to see a physiotherapist


  1. Reduce or eliminate Pain

  2. Improve mobility

  3. Improve balance and prevent falls

  4. Assist in recovery from a sports injury

  5. Manage age-related issues

  6. Build strength and Endurance

  7. Recover from a stroke

  8. Assist in return to activities of daily living

  9. Assist in improving sporting performance

  10. Postural correction


Do I need to be referred?

The short answer is NO.

Physiotherapists are a regulated, primary health care provider. This means that one does not require a referral to see a physiotherapist.


In some instances, certain medical aids may require a referral letter in order to assist in the claim process. This however is very rare and is only in cases of more severe injuries, conditions or trauma.


Overall, it is said that doctors refer more to physiotherapists than any other health profession.



Payment is made after every treatment session 

The practice charges within medical aid rates, however we are not contracted into medical aid. This means that you are personally responsible for payment of your account after each session. On special notice, EFT's will be accepted.

Card facilities are available.



021 569 2444


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2nd Floor, The Link Netcare Christiaan Barnard Memorial Hospital, Foreshore, Cape Town, 8001

Monday - Thursday: 08:00 - 18:00 Friday 08:00 - 16:00

Weekends: Closed 


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